I'm Josh Palmer. I'm passionate about developing software and photography (amongst other things).

I'm currently working as an IT Technician at the lovely Leeds University Union, in my final year of studying for a degree in Physics at the University of Leeds, and filling my spare time with as much coding, photography and partying as I can manage.

Here you can find examples of my work: both software projects I've created or contributed to, and photographs I'm particularly proud of, as well as links to my GitHub, LinkedIn, and a copy of my CV.

This website isn't quite finished yet, but will be Soon™.

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Current projects I'm working on:

Beerculator: more party for your paycheck

Beerculator for iPhone is an app that lets you find the cheapest beers in the store. Every time. In seconds. It gives you the price per pint, and price per unit of alcohol, so you always know that you're getting the best value for money.

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DSA Cancellation Checker

After failing my first driving test due to nerves, I wanted to take it again, but there was a 2 month waiting list. Fortunately, there are cancellations that pop up from time to time: this script lets you find them and take your test much quicker!

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I do a bunch of photography: mainly personal, but occasionally I cover events - recently I was at Headingley Stadium for Leeds Varsity, photographing rugby in front of a 12,000 crowd. Want me to cover something for you? Get in touch on Facebook.

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