Beerculator for iPhone. By Josh Palmer.



More party for your paycheck.

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Beerculator is an app that lets you find the cheapest beers in the store. Every time. In seconds.
Get the most beers for your buck and keep the good times rolling.

Always get the best deal.

Beerculator works out the price per pint, and price per unit of alcohol. In a few quick taps, you can compare a handful of drinks, and get an informed decision on the cheapest. So whatever deals are on, you always get the most for your money.

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Quicker than you can crack a beer. Or pull a pint.

We've designed the app to be intuitive and simple to use. Just tap from a list of suggestions to pick the number of cans, volumes, ABV, and price. And since most multipacks are pretty similar, it only takes a second.

You drink it, we calculate it.

Beerculator can handle any multipack, Any size of can or bottle. Or just a single pint. Any strength. If it's not in the presets, just tap it in yourself. So whether you're in the supermarket buying lager for a party, sampling microbrews at a beer festival, or enjoying an ale in your local, you're still getting the best deal.

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Coming soon in the next version:

Cider. Wines. Spirits.

We all love beer. But we all love other drinks too. Available shortly in Beerculator v1.1: a dedicated interface for calculating ciders, wines, and spirits.

Smarter and faster

If you're always choosing between the same few beers, Beerculator v1.2 will remember that, and make sure they're always the first ones you see.