Beerculator for iPhone. By Josh Palmer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find more information on how to get the most out of Beerculator.

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To get started, tap the "+" button from the main screen. Then simply enter:

  • The name of the beer. Either tap one of the presets or enter one of your own. Feel free to abbreviate names - this is just to give the beer a label in the list.
  • The number of cans or bottles in the deal you're looking at.
    So, for a crate of 8 bottles or a 2 for £8 deal on a 4 can pack, just pick 8. If you're buying a single pint (or can) in the pub that's fine too: simply pick 1 here.
  • The volume of each can or bottle. Check out the side of the pack or the tag on the shelf if you can't see it. A few tips: most beer cans in the UK are 440ml, and a pint is 568ml. Beer bottles vary quite a bit by brand.
  • The percentage alcohol by volume.
    If it's not in the presets, simply key in the value using the decimal keyboard.
    Beers are usually in the 3-5% range. You can find it on the can, label or beer pump. In the UK, this is legally required to be printed somewhere on the packaging, along with the number of units of alcohol in each can - so you can keep an eye on how much you're drinking.
  • The price of the crate, multipack deal, or pint.
    If it's a round price, e.g. £5.00, just enter £5 - no need to worry about the decimal point and zero pennies.

That's it! The beer will now show up, sorted, in the list, with either price per pint or price per unit of alcohol.

Long press on the + button in the list. The presets will adapt appropriately for the drink you've chosen - so, for example, you won't be asked to enter how many bottles are in the deal when buying spirits, because it's pretty rare that spirits comes in a multipack; and since most spirits are in the 37.5% - 50% range, the presets will match.

Simply tap the picker at the top of the screen to switch between the two. The prices will change and the list will sort appropriately.
Price per unit of alcohol tells you which drink gives you the most alcohol for your money, and price per pint gives you a good way of comparing to pub prices. (Or indeed even at the pub!)

Yes! You can enter a beer in as little as a couple of seconds once you get used to the intuitive interface.
For each of the bits of info needed to calculate the cheapest beer, we've looked at all the common beers, and put appropriate presets on screen - so it's rare that you'll have ever have to key too many numbers in.
And, coming in the next version, Beerculator will learn from what you enter - so a button will appear if you buy a beer often that doesn't match what's there now.

Yes! Check out our press release, which also includes contact info to get a demo copy.

The wine presets incorrectly have 700ml as opposed to the standard wine bottle size of 750ml/75cl. This is an oversight and has already been fixed and submitted to the store - as soon as Apple approve the update, you'll receive this on your phone automatically.
Noticed any other bugs? Please get in touch!

Check out Drinkaware (or a local equivalent) for information on the amount of alcohol in your drinks, and guidelines to make sure you're staying within safe limits.
In a future version, we plan to add information on the number of units in a can/bottle/pint (i.e. one drink) when you long press in the price list.